We developed the Cauma as an uncompromisingly sustainable summer and winter accommodation. Suitable for all weathers, the cabin can be offered by campsites as an additional accommodation option, used as a creative studio, or simply a place to sleep, and can be set up in even the most out-of-the-way places with a minimum of effort. Thanks to its carefully-designed dimensions, the cabin can be conveniently transported by truck and set up on garden flagstones.

The Cauma is manufactured at our facility in Trun. The wood that we use in the construction comes exclusively from the region of Surselva. The cabin is insulated with sheep’s wool, which ensures a constant and pleasant ambient temperature throughout the year. Fresh air is provided by a small ventilator with heat recovery that ensures a minimal net loss of energy. A stove provides heat and a cosy atmosphere in the wintertime. In terms of bed space, the Cauma can accommodate up to four people. The cabin is furnished with a double bed, a fold-up bed and a fold-up table, as well as chairs and shelves. A small solar panel and a battery pack provide electricity for the lights and the 12V USB port for off-grid use.

The Cauma cabin is designed and developed by Bellevue Studio Architekten ETH SIA in Zurich and Zignau (GR) and Tarcisi Maissen SA, resgia e scrinaria in Trun.

Please visit the following website for more information on the Cauma

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