The Lag-Pign development project, with the swimming lake of the same name at its centre, was realised on a plot of land measuring around 14,000 square metres. For this project, we were responsible for all of the planning and design work – from the neighbourhood development proposal to the approval procedures, detailed design and execution planning. In the context of our work, we gave special attention to the following criteria:

All of the houses are positioned in a manner that ensures the best possible alignment for all of the units, i.e. providing each one with the best possible outlook, ample distances in-between, and optimal solar exposure and daylight conditions.

All of the balconies face the south and west, mostly with a view of the lake.

The individual construction phases were planned to minimise the impact of the construction activities on the individuals who had already moved into their homes.

All of the houses are accessible via stairwells and elevators. They are also outfitted with a large parking garage and ample exterior parking.

We gave special attention to the landscape design, with its lake-centrepiece, access paths, sitting areas, and plantings.

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