As carpenters and joiners, it makes complete sense for us to turn our attention to house building as well. In keeping with our abiding fascination for architecture and our interest in helping to shape the unique spaces in which we live, we take pride in designing and constructing buildings of all kinds. Throughout the years, we have realised numerous single-family homes, villas, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and public buildings in the context of various new-build, renovation and conversion projects. Even though we are best known for our traditional Maissen houses, our repertoire also extends through modern, classical and rustic styles, according to the wishes of our clients – which are always the primary focus of our work. And so it is that we engage in the rewarding process of conceiving, drafting and designing, with the joy and passion of all true architects.


Once our clients have communicated their wishes to us, one of our architects – very often Curdin Maissen himself – sets about the work of completing an initial series of pencil sketches and drawings of the envisioned building. If these strike a chord with the client, the initial design is digitally refined and visually realised. The project ideas are then further refined at each stage of the process.

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