There’s no doubt about it – the buildings of the future need to meet highly demanding structural and technical specifications in terms of comfort and health, while at the same time ensuring cost-effectiveness and ecological sustainability. This is why we emphasize smart energy concepts when planning and constructing our buildings. Our goal is always to keep the energy needs of a building to a minimum. There are many ways of achieving this. One of our main approaches is to design our building envelopes and building engineering systems coherently so that they combine to form intelligent, unified systems. We have also outfitted all of our own buildings with solar arrays that produce an annual aggregate total of around 600’000 kWh of electricity – nearly twice the volume we need to cover our own energy needs. What we don’t need is fed into the grid. This makes economic and ecological sense – which corresponds to our fundamental mission.

As recognition for our significant commitment, we were awarded the prestigious ”Swiss Solar Prize” in the Institutions category in October 2019.

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