We would never have dreamt that our brand name would become the generic term for a certain type of house. But as it turns out, the term “Maissen” is commonly used, even well beyond the canton of Graubünden, to describe a certain architectural design. We are naturally proud of the fact that our insistence on quality and our love for detail has enabled us to succeed in capturing and maintaining the original Graubünden style in the form of our distinctive Maissen houses. Our clients are fond of telling us how much they and their guests treasure the many traditional elements of our houses, including the rustic wood-panelled walls, the stone roofs, the wooden rain gutters and the high-quality interiors with real wood kitchens and stone and parquet floors.




Committed as we are to the traditional architecture of our region, the ingenious fusion of traditional wood construction with contemporary ideas and technologies is no less important to us. It follows that the Maissen house distinguishes itself not only in terms of its quaint charm, but also in terms of the highest degree of comfort.


The experience of walking on a beautiful, rustic wooden floor that has been laid over a precision heating system, so that you can walk in comfort to your ultramodern wet room, is just one of the many dream-home features of a Maissen house. The Vals craftsmen of old would be astonished – and would certainly be proud of their descendants!

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