We live our passion.

Our passion is to work with the natural resources that surround us in our local environment. Experience and know-how have gone hand in hand in our family-run enterprise for more than 70 years. Together with the various members of our team, we maintain a very special enterprise culture that is based on a heightened awareness of and commitment to quality, environmental sustainability, personal responsibility and customer service.

Tarcisi Maissen SA is a caring and competent partner in the broadest range of projects, from simple to highly complex challenges. Whether our assignment is that of a woodworker for furniture, window frames, doors or entire interiors, a metalworker, a stove manufacturer or a construction specialist for modern building projects of all kinds, we are always committed to doing our part in a cooperative, cohesive and professional manner. With passion and skill, we realise the product or building that meets the exact specifications of our clients.

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Curdin Maissen

Executive Management, +41 81 920 23 20

Flurin Maissen

Executive Management, +41 81 920 23 20

Roman Venzin

Construction Manager, +41 81 920 23 33

Marc Demont

Interior finishing, +41 81 920 23 28

Gino Maissen

Architect BA FH, +41 81 920 23 24

Flavio Maissen

Architect BA FH, +41 81 920 23 25


Roger Schnider

Interior finishing, +41 81 920 23 39

Martin Eicher

Carpentry Shop Foreman, +41 81 920 23 31

Hubertus Jacomet

Woodworking Shop Foreman, +41 81 920 23 35

Arno Pfister

Sawmill Foreman, +41 81 920 23 30



Paul Riedi

Soapstone Shop Foreman, +41 81 920 23 38

Martial Tuor

Locksmithery Foreman, +41 81 920 23 32

Thomas Wolf

Construction Manager, +41 81 920 23 27

Curdin Cantieni

+41 81 920 23 29

Flurin Arpagaus

Trainee joiner, 2. year

Ursin Beeli

Trainee joiner, 4. year

Aurelio Carigiet

Trainee carpenter, 3. year

Seya Carisch

Trainee carpenter, 2. year

Jasmin Lutz

Trainee administration, 3. year
+41 81 920 23 20

Lars Sprenger

Trainee joiner, 4. year


Founded in 1946 as the fulfilment of a personal dream by Tarcisi Maissen, the company has since developed into a multifaceted enterprise. Although the management of the enterprise has been passed on to Tarcisi’s sons Curdin and Flurin, the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspired the enterprise’s founder continues to shape the enterprise today. The most important goal remains the same: to manufacture a full range of products from start to finish while remaining true to the principle of sustainability and energy efficiency.

1946 – Founding of the Tarcisi Maissen enterprise, resgia e scrinaria

1958 – Relocation to the new woodworking facility, site expansion

1963 – Fire destroys the entire company premises, reconstruction

1976 – Start of soapstone-stove production

1989 – Reorganisation of the enterprise as Tarcisi Maissen SA

1989 – Management of the enterprise is passed on to Flurin and Curdin Maissen

1990 – Fire destroys the sawmill, reconstruction

1995 – Construction of and relocation to the new wood-processing facility

2005 – Commissioning of a new 50m³ computer-monitored wood-drying facility

2006 – Construction of and relocation to the new showroom and precious timber storage unit

2007 – Complete renovation of ventilation systems with exterior filter and heat recovery

2009 – Complete renovation of the woodworking shop and office tract for enhanced energy efficiency

2009 – Tarcisi Maissen dies at the age of 96

2011 – Installation of two additional wood-drying facilities with capacities of 15 and 18 m³

2011 – Installation of a modern wood-chip heating system with silo discharge and electrofilters

2013-2016 – Installation of solar arrays on the roofs of four production facilities

2014 – New construction of a production facility for soapstone stoves and stonemasonry

2018 – Acquired usage rights in the Vals quarry as well as stone processing from the company Berni

2019 – Awarded the ”Swiss Solar Prize” in the Institutions category for our investments in photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our company buildings

2019 – Expansion of the carpentry hall. Installation of a CNC timber framing system and an element construction portal

2019 – Expansion of the photovoltaic system

2022 – Expansion of the carpentry hall and installation of a timber framing machine, ROBOT-Drive

2022 – New storage facilities with covered cantilever racks and roof covering with solar cells

2023 – Installation of a photovoltaic system on the facade of the joinery